I started this blog on a whim to journal my meets with the prospective people who enter my life over the next 52 weeks, as I sought to widen my social circle.  My friends, new and old are journaled about in this blog and should any friend/entry speak to you, I encourage you to leave a comment, to share your opinions, learnings and views.

You could also share your experiences to meet one new friend a week!  Let’s see where this will take us over the course of 12 months – you will meet, with me, the people I will meet, the people I will dine with and the people I will get to know.  I hope that through these entries, you would be able to find sentiments that echo with your own and to find inspiration to reach out and get to know people on your own.  The online/virtual world is but that – we are hunan, we need physical proximity to make sense of and to love the world.

For those of you who have experienced the bad side of human nature, or sense a deepening sense of cynicism as the days pass, I hope that through my journals you will find a spark to lead you to look at the bright side, and the positive side of human nature once again.

People are people and together we form the world, so it is up to each of us, as individuals to add to the world the best we have.


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