Peter Pan of the Whales

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I call this friend Peter Pan because he truly doesn’t grow up.  He still maintains his fondness for the youthful things in life, and his verve and overall gaiety with life and his interactions with the people around him are refreshing indeed.

This friend of mine has always been special to me.  He is a simple, contented person, and yet intelligent, inquisitive and inspirational.  He does so many things for others in his life, and he is not interested to fight a war for glory, or politics, preferring to give of himself where he can, and he will always do so.

I am glad that after all these years, he has still not changed. Despite my changing philosophies and outlook in life, we could still share common ground and we had fun.  We happened to meet this year because of a long forgotten email that I had sent him 3 years ago. He replied to the email, and lo and behold, I had not changed my email address.  I replied and shortly after we met for dinner.

At dinner, we caught up on 7 years worth of happenings (at least!), as the last time I saw him was in my previous office at Telok Ayer and that was in 2007-08. Incidentally when I parked the car to meet him, an ex-colleague of the said Telok Ayer office honked at me in the carpark. Fate does have a way to play with us!

Peter Pan shared with me his recent creepy encounter, and how he discovered the Laws of Attraction.

What happened was this:

About 3 years ago, Peter Pan had started a company with a friend. They rented a black and white bungalow as office which also became Peter Pan’s residence during that period. The partnership did not end amicably and Peter Pan subsequently found himself without a home.   He quickly searched for one and found a home that was asking for a relatively low rent, which he could move into the next day (that was how urgent his lodging situation had become).  He had gone to see the flat at night, and agreed to rent it.  He also forgot that it was the seventh month (ghost month) period, where one is not supposed to move into any new locale.

Peter Pan stayed in his new place with his wife and found themselves in the course of a week, arguing over small and petty items which they had never done so before.  He was disturbed and shared his plight with a friend of his, who happened to be a medium.  She reminded him that he had moved in during the ghost month, and asked him to fork out what he could (even though cash was really tight) to buy some crystals, which they did.

That night, the medium went to their flat and laid out some tea light candles in a row, in the living room.  The balcony door was shut close and there was no wind in the apartment.  The medium asked his wife to light the candles. Peter Pan went off to the kitchen to pack the groceries they had bought.  When the wife lit the first candle, and moved on to the second, the flame of the first candle went out.  When she tried to light the third candle, the same thing happened to the second candle. After a few more tries, the medium said they should get Peter Pan.  Peter Pan was wondering why the two ladies needed his help to light some simple candles, but he did it anyway, without incident.  After the candles were lit, the medium asked Peter Pan to go into the balcony and put two crystals on each end of the balcony on a small ledge each.  He did.  When he reentered the living room and started to shut the balcony door, the minute the two sliding doors clicked into each other, the two crystals simultaneously dropped of their respective ledges.

The medium asked Peter Pan to pick up the crystals and describe what he saw in them. He said he saw unhappy faces in the crystals.  The medium said they were the faces of the ghosts that were now trapped in the crystals, and that Peter Pan was to throw the crystals away into the bin, and that after a month, the ghosts would disappear from the crystals.

After this, Peter Pan and his wife lived in relative peace.

Another reason why I admire Peter Pan is for his determination and his ability to accept things as they are.  In this respect he is similar to my “Chew What” friend i blogged about last year.  Peter Pan married a single mother and he accepted her child of 7 years despite numerous exhortations from his parents.  Kudos to him for standing by the side of the woman he loves and making a marriage that counts.

Life is indeed too short to worry about the what ifs and the should nots.  And I am glad that he followed his heart and made this decision the right one for him.


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