An-other 4 Things About You

In Relationships on February 5, 2014 at 2:48 pm

it’s been a while since I last posted – the usual – busy, lazy, tired stuff…haha.  But meeting my giant of a friend has spurred me to say all right, I’ll resume.  Coupled with the fact that this friend just admitted he was inspired to start meeting friends and learning more about them in the same manner I did two years ago, how does one not support this?  And so today my dear friends, our humble one friend a day blog will now have a grand total of TWO contributors!  haha!

I convinced contributor 2 to blog about his experiences here – why not make this blog more robust and more dynamic, with more stories and inspirations?

Contributor 2 is excited about learning 4 things about his old friends – things he never knew. So, if you get called up one day to answer 4 thing about yourself, check out this blog to see if your story’s here!

Indeed, the lives we lead are amazing and too often we fail to connect with each other to learn about each other’s stories.  I’ve realised in the last year that I do have plenty of stories to share and it is these stories that connect me with people. Stories for love, stories for business, stories for sobbing, stories for celebrating.  After all, if we live a life without any stories, would that be called life?

I always enjoy a good chat with this old buddy and he’s one of those that have stuck by me all these years – through the growing pains, the working stress, to me buying my first property even – he was there. Someone who has always been around for me to call on for a late night supper and an energising chat.  And it is this energy that we so crave for that gives us added energy to face the next day.

So over supper in the neighbourhood suburbs, and on a cold windy night out on a spanking new bike with chilly legs, i made a commitment to start writing again and here I am.  I look forward to the 4 stories my old friend has to share – and he has to share them before he forgets them (getting old, haha)!

Mr Contributor 2, over to you!


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