Life’s Good

In Uncategorized on January 20, 2014 at 5:09 pm

It is interesting what stories we hear from one and other stories we hear from others.  This long time friend of mine, fell in love very deeply once with a girl and shunned the world.  When I had the chance to meet up with him, I was shocked at his appearance – he was gaunt (he is normally beefy) and downcast.  The shock that gripped my heart, I still remember strongly.  The first thing I said was that this girl was not good for him!  Whomever gives us such grief to change our physical appearance and  emotional well-being by such an extent is surely not meant to be?  In any case, from what I heard, this girl that he liked was seeing someone else, and therefore he was upset and it sounded like she was two-timing him.

Honestly, I had just seen the girl in question in a recent overseas trip and I was not too impressed with her, having had the unpleasant encounter before of trying to send her back after a group event and finding her making out with another guy in the back seat of my car!  What thoughtlessness and indiscretion!  In any case, she had gone for the trip with the other guy.  It was when I returned, that I realised that Life’s Good was in love with this same girl.  So of course, I thought she was two-timing him and had an even nastier impression of her.

However, just about 2 weeks ago, I happened to catch up with a friend at an event and this friend for some reason started to mention this girl.  I had not known they were acquainted and so I chanced to hear another side of the story.  From this girlfriend, I heard that this girl had bad fates with guys.  In her relationship history, she was divorced once, and reattached subsequently. She was supposed to remarry. Unfortunately, the boyfriend succumbed to cancer and  she was there throughout the ordeal.  My friend’s mother had predicted that this girl had very bad luck with guys and that the only way she could find happiness was to be with someone totally unconventional, and who could detract the “evil” spirits from her.  True to form, she was going out with this non-Singaporean, who was younger than her and totally unconventional and till today they have a happy relationship.  It was also fortunate for Life’s Good that they did not end up together (perhaps this is the reason why he was looking so gaunt! Shudder!).

Then comes the reason why she did not choose to stay with Life’s Good.  Apparently, she told my girlfriend, Life’s Good did not want to marry her.  So she did not feel secure with him, and therefore it made better sense for her to be with someone else.

Now this was news! I always figured that for Life’s Good, if he was so crazy over her, that  he would have wanted to get married with her at least.

Which brings to mind another question – is Life’s Good simply commitment-phobic?  He does have a four-year relationship going and he is pushing 40.  We have been asking him to bring his girlfriend out so that we can meet her and get to know her, and he has refused all this while. Hmm hmmm.  This sheds a different light on my friend’s character which I was previously not privy to!



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