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Charlie’s Angel

In Relationships on December 30, 2013 at 2:36 pm

Having a good buzz at a rooftop party is one thing.  But having to mitigate a violent drunk and his girlfriend, and coercing him to back down was not a Christmas eve I was looking for.  After a very tiring and exhausting year, I was coveting a more eve more traditional, egg nogged filled, carol singing and perhaps even some not too exciting gift exchange.

How my CA driver’s license ended in Angel’s care, must be blamed on my ah beng friend who kept saying, or repeating incessantly, that I needed to be more open and mingle.  Almost in a fit of raging spike, I summoned my alleged A-game and started mingling, talking to, moving around and prancing on every opportunity to speak to all the ladies.  Without any real conviction, and armed with beer courage, I pulled no stops.  15 mins on, Mr Beng said he was surprised that what I did was completely out of the character mould he had put me in.

Angel, while being in my turbo charged impenetrable Mario persona, was quite unexpectedly a super pleasant meet.  Cliched, but there was a certain connection I detected and thought we had shared.  But violent drunk guy didn’t allow me to explore that….

It would be another 2 days before I got to meet this lovely Angel.  And with a lame, weak and yes, I thought it was pathetic offer of a ‘reward’ for the return of driver’s license, I was happy to meet Angel again.  There were no sparks, no fireworks, no cosmic shift but in place, clever wit and an amazing collection of shared ideas and values.

In the matter of hours, we had gone past the small talk of work, family to similar business experiences, a database of personal shared values in everything and even finishing each other’s sentences.  The night could not have been shorter and despite a dying urge to want to go back to watch a missed football game, the pleasure of the current company was just too good to pass.

It was another 48 hrs before Angel’s presence I could enjoy.  Again, conversations were filled with random topics.  We spoke of fairly mundane topics but I found nothing that was said trivial and was delighting in the moment and company.  I learnt a lot from her and wondered if I might have shared something that might have been even mildly interesting.  The fact that we ate supper and continued talking until the threat of dawn forced our eventual retirement, methinks, might have been a good sign!!!!

Maybe Angel was just being cordial and nice and even polite.  Whatever it was, I gladly took it.  Even if I never have another encounter like this again with her, I would be grateful for a wonderful Christmas.

But my gut tells me that a meaningful relationship is growing. One I would enjoy for quite some time.

In the meantime, she would definitely make my angel’s list.  Only in this case, this Townsend agency would only have one Angel.

What the new year brings is certainly looking bright….   that is of course if Angel doesn’t get arrested and incarcerated!!! :DD