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Amelie or so I thought

In Entrepreneurship on April 15, 2013 at 8:49 am

A Nil Beginning

In Entrepreneurship, Resolutions on April 8, 2013 at 8:52 am

This entrepreneur has not really shared with me all that he has gone through, but I can only guess at the depth of his experience. Having been through jail, this friend is now a changed person and wants to do his best to live a fulfilling life. Having been through life of fast cash and meaninglessness, put through some personal trials, it is people like him that show us that there really is a difference between making money for the sake of and making money by doing good.

Whenever I ask myself whether this life I have chosen could also be a parallel life on the other side (the dark side), it could. But there is something in human nature that refuses to succumb to darkness. So many businesses thrive on promoting vices, yet always, I have heard and seen, if given a chance, these businessmen who have made their millions in vice would always turn to doing good in their later years. Perhaps to erase their past evil or to buy themselves some good karma, but whatever the reason, they will always want to turn back the clock (or try) to walk on the right side of the law.

It begs the question whether we can live a life of evil, or of whether it is worth the conscience for a person to knowingly start a life in vice to get rich. And they try to buy back virtues to erase his past deeds.

Evil and good, I had always thought were two tenets of human construction. What is evil and what is good? Two arbitrary markers of right and wrong? Then why do people then always swing in favour of the light when they have a choice? So there must be a human conscience so universal that transcends our personal choices, that makes us ultimately strive for the common good? Is this what it means to be human?

Ms Cool

In Entrepreneurship on April 2, 2013 at 8:50 am

Met this pretty lady at an event and we hit it off. With her soft spoken assertiveness, she epitomises the feminine strength of Chinese ladies. She is supportive of her husband in his business yet bold and assured enough to venture out on her own. I wish this lady all the best of luck in her choice of product to sell and hope that she enjoys every minute of her entrepreneurial journey. I am sure her husband will be a good guide for her.

Update on Ms Cool: unfortunately Ms Cool has had to stop her business. I tried to help her to clear some of the stocks she had, but circumstances prevailed and Ms Cool moved too slowly for the Christmas rush, I thought.  in any case, having that long conversation with her prior to moving her stocks was worth more to me than the actions that followed.  I think it was in comforting her that she has my support, with whatever she chose for her business, probably had a higher value for her.  This just reminds me to be always there for the friends we love.