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Bali Hideout

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A friend of an old friend, this new friend of mine did not start on in a favorable footing with me. Partly because he was being referred by this same friend who had done me a disservice by recommending an incompetent sales director in the past. When I received the call form this friend about yet another ‘friend who had just started his own business and whom I think you can meet to see how you can work together’, I had to agree to meet this person with much trepidation and much salt.

Fortunately Bali Hideout took the initiative to call me and his pleasant demeanor over the phone, and the way he communicated, piqued my interest enough for us to meet.

He has since referred me several potential clients and I had always assumed he was doing relatively well until he shared with me that he was not. His honesty struck me and I do want to help a fellow entrepreneur and so we agreed to meet and see what we could possibly do for the new year, and possibly help each other more.

Onward to 2013, here’s to a new friend to share business woes with, to back each other and to more business partnerships!

Dim Sum

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La Sialle

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In Wonderland

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My wonderful Wonderland friend has recently created a new wonderland for herself.

I got to know this sharp minded and confident lady as colleagues.  Firstly as wary colleagues (she admitted that she didn’t take too kindly to me initially because she associated me with the manager who had brought me into the company and by her own admission, the manager was a good-for-nothing), but over time, I stood my own and proved myself worthy of her respect and trust and we ended up being closer than most colleagues, with Friday tea sessions at the nearby kaya toast place,  and purpose planned lunch dates. I actually missed having lunch with her if I was too busy and I was going out for the entire week meeting others!  So we planned lunches where we could get the dreariness of work out of our system, and to form a closer team bond.

After work, we were friends and after the two years in that company, we kept in touch as…amazingly…party friends!  By then, this then pregnant, then mother-of-two colleague of mine had gone from demure mum to party queen!  Following her foray into the world of real estate investment and working with a slew of successful investing types, she found her current world too cloistering and her husband too (for want of a better word) boring.

I played go-between for a while as she contemplated a divorce and her husband hung on to me as the only other friend he knew and whose number he had.  He called me incessantly until one day I had to tell him that it was her choice and by then I was also feeling that he had it coming to him if he was unable to man up and stop moaning about his plight.  I did try to advise this colleague of mine to stay together with her hubby, as he was her chosen man all those years ago, but strong-willed and headstrong as she is, she proceeded with the divorce eventually.  They still stay under the same roof, from what I know. I thought that was a strange arrangement, but I guess they found middle ground and have kept their family as intact as possible for the sake of the two young children.

It’s been a while since we last caught up and writing this posts further reinforces the thought that I should meet up with her soon to find out what other stories she has for me.