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Noel Q-ing

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Han-ny I Shrunk The Kids!

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I gave him a challenge of 12 people to meet by June since he had said he would call up people to talk to them. Let’s see if this comedic, yet serious friend of mine manages it! Serious about peace and spreading fellowship, I had the pleasure of having dinner with Han this Monday evening. A pleasant guy, he shuns politics and twists conversations to fulfill his objectives…however I still cannot figure out what objectives he has in mind. A pleasant dinner, but this cryptic friend did not give me a sense that he had indeed opened up and shared with me his heart. This makes him a pleasant companion, albeit a shallow one for me.

When I first met him, I thought he was a little strange because I was curious about him and asked him several questions. All of a sudden, he asked me if I was looking for a husband because I was asking him all those questions! That shut me up. And urged me to put a distance between us. I was asking generic questions and making conversation, but I think he does not like answering questions about himself, preferring to take the conversation in his hands instead.

Let’s see what stories we will have…perhaps by the end of the year, we will share a few more experiences and I may eventually feel that I know him better.


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Oh Squirrel!  Chubby like a chipmunk with a pleasant disposition to boot, this friend was named after another animal and misnamed in passing by my cousin as Squirrel.  So this shall be my nickname for him.  He DOES fit the name though, and not so much of the other 🙂

Squirrel I met last year at a friend’s gathering for her “single friends”.  In the hope that we would pair up, my friend keeps organising these events. Squirrel is a regular at her events and I met him at the first (and last) one I was attending.  Squirrel runs a small agency and aims to keep it that way because he enjoys the work he is doing, and he enjoys the freedom it gives him.  As to whether he has plans to grow the agency, he doesn’t think that far and is honest about it.  i got to know him a little better after a group dinner and a breakout group supper. In a smaller group, Squirrel’s wit and good natured personality radiated.  He turned from Mr IT to Mr Interesting.  He is also one of those who, at first glance, would not turn heads, but upon deeper excavation, one can appreciate his kindly values and his principles, as well as his intellect.

I had plans to get to know Squirrel better, but the months passed by too quickly and well, perhaps after this posting, I will somehow have an opportunity to get reacquainted with him without the incident seeming to contrived.

In the meanwhile, here’s to all the small business owners who are content and happy with their work and where they find themselves in life. May this passion always rule what we do and may we always never have to work a day in our lives!