Chew What?

In Relationships on January 23, 2013 at 3:18 pm

One of my older friends, we got to meet up this year as a group. The previous years had given my friend a girlfriend, a husband, two children and now she is settled in and ready to socialise with us again.

This is one of those lives who I like writing about – it just goes to show how quirky life can be – and you know what? No matter how quirky yours gets and through all the ups and downs, your friends will always support you no matter what.

This particular friend has has an interesting journey in her relationships I find. Tall, slim and pretty, she somehow didn’t have many boyfriends throughout her tertiary years.  After school, she hooked up with an old senior and became her girlfriend – and one day she candidly (and a little worriedly) told me that she had turned lesbian – and she sounded like she found it unbelievable.  But she had the confidence and knew that she was loved and cherished by her family and her friends, which gave her the courage to say it out loud.  Not that she proclaimed her relationship and flaunted it, but just having the courage to understand and accept things as they were and face it – that was courageous.

This friend brings to mind the many hours of hanging out we did, and how I was always entranced by her boldness and her confidence, even though she was also insecure.  She was funny and real.  Her parents had brought her and her sisters up with no pretensions and she was about as bare-faced a friend one could hope for.  She gave her opinions truthfully and made her comments with no malice. This is why she was respected, and fun to be with.

Fast forward several years, same friend decides that she wanted to have children. She found herself a boyfriend from within her colleagues and shortly thereafter, got married to him. She now has a daughter.  The twists that life’s journey takes us is indeed captivating.  And the true stories I hear are often more dramatic that the movies…and they are so enthralling.

May the stories never end!



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