Vendetta B

In Resolutions on January 14, 2013 at 9:11 am

Oooh a nasty post this will be.  This friend sounds like she has a personal vendetta against everything wrong and right in her life.  Although she starts off relatively cheerful, it takes just an hour too long to hear her start to rant about everything and anything that she is not personally involved in.

I thought that we could restart a relatively decent friendship, seeing that we keep bumping into each other, but hearing her rant about the fates of so and so type of people, the problem with the so and so industry, the issues of the so and so company…I recalled that day on the train station platform where I had a brief conversation with her after a school reunion we had just both attended, and my walking away with mixed feelings. On one hand, I sympathised with her then based on her stories, but on the other, they were so vilely  bitter that I did not want to spend another minute in her company.  I shared the feeling with a close friend who also knew her and this friend, mature and wise in her thoughts always said, “If you think that you cannot be her friend and you cannot give her or take from her what a friendship means to you, then there is no point being her friend.”  How true.  It would be better of for Vendetta B to find friends who could commiserate, sympathise, empathise and advise, while I find friends who I could do the same with.

Too-da loo!


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