A Wee Bit Sticky

In Entrepreneurship on January 4, 2013 at 5:54 am

Ms Sticky and I bumped into each other at an event where I was serving drinks and where she was attending as her husband’s spouse.

The event brought us back to our old days in the hall and the time of wanton youthful days. Oh well, not that wanton. Considering that we hardly knew each other, it was quite an eye-opener to realise that the common heritage we shared meant a common lingo we could connect with.

Shortly after, I met Ms Sticky and her close friend just for old times’ sake.  the evening was fun and uproariously funny – with anecdotes and stories from each other’s lives – women going about their daily lives and doing their best to be the best they could – as mother, friend, neighbour, sister, colleague, employer, employee.  Down-to-earth women conversations, with a touch of wistfulness as we wonder what life could have been.

Ms Sticky started an online business and her talent shows clearly in her choice of topics.  She has a knack with her fingers – that is all I can say and I am duly impressed with her works of art.  She has found fulfilment in being a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend to her closest and dearest and life is brimming over with joy. But I sense an uncertainty and disquiet about Ms Sticky as she postulates and asks questions about the other parts of life that she has had to give up for her family. Missing her youthful days is one.

Well Ms Sticky,  perhaps its just disquiet now, but I hope you will feel the satisfaction of this life path of yours. I wish you all the best always, and look forward to another fun-filled evening with you when perhaps your children are more independent.  In the meanwhile, my thoughts are with you as I fondly remember our reconnection.


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