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The Best is Soon To Be

In Relationships on December 10, 2012 at 3:22 pm

In the blink of an eye, a friendship is formed, in another, a relationship…how fate tempts us and makes fun of all our preconceived and rational misgivings.

An interesting development which started from a long night of group partying, to slight miscommunications and misunderstandings into an appreciation of the depth of character.  A testimony to the triumph of lasting good  over temporal misactions,  I never thought we would end up drawn to each other.

Also strange, the chemistry that sparks after a night of conversation with a thought and wonder  that this may be ‘something more’.  And more indeed it turned out to be.  I’d not met someone as unassuming, as similar yet dissimilar to me in all ways that add to a better whole.  Where I am focused, he is broad (literally too…hmmm), where I am flippant he is deep (again literally?). And the feeling of togetherness that stems from the comfort of being safe in the knowledge ourselves, and of wisdom of relationships, this partnership has sprung off on a good start.

What would be a surprise to some has not surprised me (which is in itself surprising) and I find myself a little more grown up and mature, if one may call it that, in dealing with what is soon to be.

Where will it head, and where will it end? That is soon to be discovered. I leave this post with feelings of hope and of promise for a brighter future together.


E is for Embittered

In Uncategorized on December 10, 2012 at 7:10 am

This female friend of mine has grown cynical and bitter over the years. It is sad. We were rather close some time ago after we graduated. She was one of those friends whom I would see and greet pleasantly, and after some time, we forgot how we even started saying hi in the first place and we became acquaintances, than more than acquaintances, and then friends and then hang out buddies.

We lost touch some time ago. I do not believe it was due to a busy schedule, but rather a definite reluctance on one party’s part to keep in contact. As fate would have it, we were put together again, and I believe that the key to friendship is to give first rather than expect first. I invited her to an event and thereafter, she returned the favour by inviting me to hers. We have been in relatively close touch since then.

But I find that my friend has changed. The years of gatherings, of events and of singlehood have made her quite bitter and opinionated about the people around her. It has also taken away her curiosity and passion to jump into life and embrace it. I have tried to be a friend and to be around to advise or be a listening ear. But the constant berating and bemoaning about how “I can never afford this” or “I will always be the last to be chosen” is rankling my nerves. There is only so much negativity one can take and when someone limits themselves by not even trying and asking too many questions, or my putting herself down, it makes me shut down, in self defence. I then block out whatever this person tells me and wave it off.

“If oak trees were human, they would only grow to half their height.”