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Cheu on this

In Entrepreneurship, Relationships on October 27, 2012 at 9:00 am

A lady who carries herself with conviction, elegance and excellence. This were the impressions I framed when I first met her one evening over drinks with a few more friends. Over the months, I have come to appreciate her directness, efficiency and intellect that proves why she is capable and successful in her chosen field of work.

She bears no nonsense and compromises and she knows what she wants, and why. I see plenty of myself in her approach to people and wonder if I appear distant and unfeeling to others too. I guess so.I guess we can only be and show these main aspects of ourselves to others, and if we bother too much about what others think then we will have no main personality that defines and keeps us on track?

In the last 12 months I have learnt to trust myself and my decisions. Anyone else may come to me and eschew what I have been doing. They may criticize and they may espouse way better methods of running a business. But you know what? Do it yourself then.

If your theories hold up under the harsh practicability of the business work, by all means, kudos to you. If you are capable and are able to do better than me, so be it! Even greater kudos to you!

Running a business is a lonely journey and you often ask yourself if you have done right, are doing right and how to do better. It Is lonely because you cannot share your journey with anyone who will understand, except another business owner if he has the time for you:) but running a business is a daily reality and you go through every second and minute of making it work, surviving, providing for your staff and managing a pipeline you can depend on, it is a daily juggle.

The person who comes in and discounts all those hours you have invested and experimented, is a fool indeed. One must always discover the root causes and the surrounding factors in making an assessment of any person at that point in time, and even your assessment is based on your experiences and observances up to that point in time! The person who knows it all often doesn’t know anything at all, and as I grow in wisdom, I grow to appreciate the way the world is and what others before have done for us with what they could do at that point in history.
in history.



In Relationships on October 26, 2012 at 8:55 am

This fella is definitely an intellectual who has not learnt to curb his temper nor his ego. Pride and sarcasm oozes out of his every pore and he is (in my opinion) not an extremely pleasant character to get to know. Could it be his slightly stand offish behaviour, or the feeling that he is looking down on me that makes me feel as such? Or his insistence to turn every sentence into an intellectual debate? Is it the curse of the intelligent who lose touch with humanity? Or the misfortune of not having another person to care for that creates such brain heavy and heart weary souls of this world?

For all his wit and dry humour, a meal with harpoon is mentally tiring. Or perhaps, I just do not think in the same stratosphere as him. But then again, he is not a genius by any chance, nor does he possess the brilliance of president scholar and world medical pioneer Dr Goh, and perhaps it is this trait that annoys me. The presentation of oneself as too smart for the rest of the world. Wait a minute, this sounds freakishly familiar to someone I know who refuses to befriend anyone less than a Gandhi or a Jesus….professing that every one is beneath him….

A Desert Shines Bright

In Entrepreneurship, Relationships on October 20, 2012 at 8:55 am

One of my older friends I got to meet this year, taught me the wisdom of age. He is able to sense and see what we think is only apparent to ourselves. Through our words and body language, he susses out our true feelings…scary. Then again, it has also made me more aware of what my parents already knew about me all those years ago! Hahah.

It is true that with age comes wisdom. Even if you don’t try hard, 352 days more in your life, do make a difference in the way you perceive the world, and understand people around you.

We devote our lives to something that we think is worthy of our attention and time in our early years, and we can only hope that when we are older, we are not embittered by the daily decisions we have made in the past. This friend of mind shares his story about love, and of caring for others, and of sacrifices which right now, have left him semi unfulfilled. He is helpful, generous and light hearted, yet a solid father figure who carries the weight of the world upon his broad shoulders.

For some reason, we get along despite the age gap and perhaps we are in each other’s lives for a reason. Or for a season. Perhaps even for a lifetime.

I hope that the new year will bring us new ideas and insights and opportunities for this friend of mine, for while the desert never cools, so does his passion for life and for people.

As Zen As You Can Be

In Resolutions on October 19, 2012 at 8:25 am

To be youthful and curious is, above all, living.

Life is unpredictable. As much as we try to manage it as best as we can, we never know where it will lead us, and what we will do at the end of it. I find that above all we do, we need to find a meaning we can make sense of and use that meaning to lead us on till the end.

In your childhood, you explore and try to understand the world and learn from each experience. These form the root of your personality. In your teens, you push the boundaries and create firm friendships with people who will shape your final character. You learn about morality, ethics and of different value systems. When you are 20, you further explore how these values work and what you do to work within them and the wider context of the world. It is in this decade that you also enjoy exploring within this system and assimilating all you see and hear in making sense of the world.

When you reach your thirties, you are ready to make a difference. You look for life with more meaning, and how you can play a part in leaving a legacy. You start to live a life beyond the self, and one more for others. You are still young and curious, and still willing to explore and learn, while at the same time impose your thoughts and vision on the world and others around you.

In your 40s, you start to feel the changes of your physical body. You learn empathy, and start to understand the evolution of the world and the frailty of life. Perhaps in this phase, you learn to appreciate the interplay between body and mind. In this phase, you consolidate, you appreciate, and you reciprocate.

At the half a century mark, you encapsulate and rejuvenate for the golden years of life. Now, you understand the mark you have make, and can continue making, and start to put in place a continuity for all the good work you have done.

Beyond, you take life a little easier and enjoy the fruits of half a century of labour. You begin to understand the true beauty of the world and of people around. You learn about the young, and the world they will create based on what your generation has done. You assimilate new technology and convictions and start to have an inkling of what the world will be like when you are gone. You stand in the cusp of evolution as you know it.

Being with Zen, I see youthfulness and curiosity and a desire to figure out what we want as individuals in the wider context of the world. I appreciate her friendship for being able to show me what I must have been like when I was younger. I see how far I have come and how much more I still have to learn….and how I need be curious to continue to learn.

I can see myself the old fuddy duddy with the idiomatic cliches, and I see myself as rebelling against these oldish thoughts when I interact with her. It is these thoughts that will keep me on my toes and with the desire to explore ways of staying relevant to the changing world. It reminds me to stay young, stay curious, so as to appreciate the workings of life and of evolution.

The Letter Z

In Uncategorized on October 18, 2012 at 8:55 am

The letter Z is for zomeone zweet:) Bright and cheery, with sweet looks to boot, Ms Z is a fav among the guys. I fancy she is still making sense of the world and forming her opinions, making conversation because she feels the need to. She has not yet entered the realm of the cynical (haha) … or the plain getting old, where we do not ask questions for the sake of, and we do not feel the need to drum up a conversation when another human being is near.

Because of this, some of my possibly older and more cynical friends are slightly uncomfortable with her incessant questioning, feeling that he questions have no sincerity or depth. Which is quite a waste, as this lady is rather bright, I figure.

Perhaps she just wants to sate her curiosity, perhaps, she thinks she is being friendly, perhaps she is still young. Well time will tell if she is sincere about her queries and will follow up as a friend. If not, I guess time will just pass and well, life is about passing through anyway, right? Passing through the people we meet, having fun along the way, being as pleasant as we know how to to another fellow living being … it’s enough to keep us busy without us having to ask more or deeper 🙂

Free as a Bird

In Entrepreneurship on October 17, 2012 at 8:50 am

Freedom is the goal.

This new friend of mine is quirky.

He is nice. He is kind. He is considerate and generous to a fault. But shy I guess, and afraid of commitment. From first glance I passed him off to be, someone who would never get married. Through some weeks, I got to know that inside this arrogant demeanor, lies a soft heart and a pleasant soul. Just unfortunately, he does not like to commit, or take action where matters of his heart are concerned.

I am still trying to figure him out when he says thing like, gatherings should be unplanned, and should be on the spur of the moment, but when I then try to ask him out for a short lunch, tea or dinner on the spur of the moment, inevitably he replies past the time of ‘happening’ and says sorry, but then never tries to make up for the invite by extending a similar invite to me.

He claimed he was busy some months ago and could not fix a date for dinner which I owed him, but then again, those months have passed. Today, he asks other friends out for dinners at the last minute, but never me. I just figure I am not too high on his priority list!

I am still trying to figure out if there is some miscommunication that we might be having here. Does he think my time too precious for me to spend with him? Or does he think that he does not want to spend time to get to know me because he doesn’t want to waste my time or his time, or what? I guess we just remain being in a one-sided friendship then and we see how things progress? Or maybe regress…

Head of Comms

In Relationships on October 16, 2012 at 9:00 am

Head of Comms never fails to astound me with her honest simplicity and self-confidence. She is smart, pleasant and peaceful by nature, and yet, by the position she holds, I can assume that she is driven and aggressive beneath that girly demeanour….in other words, she is all woman! haha.

She loves the beautiful things in life, yet is prudent. She is simple, yet understands the complexities of human relationships. She is unassuming, yet understanding of the needs of others. God created woman to confuse men? Yes, God created woman to give men the mystery they need to appreciate life in all its multi hued tones and this lady surely beguiles yet frazzles her wooers to be 🙂