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Yap, you got it right!

In Entrepreneurship, Relationships on September 30, 2012 at 8:45 am

We hit it off at first sight, this marketing lady and I. And we formed a fast friendship. She is always happy, jovial, moving forward, with a verve for the party scene, yet successful and balanced in her own life. I look to her as an older sister with whom I can share a lively, and unguarded dinner with.

She interests me with the variety of things she has done with he rife, her setbacks and her positive energy…all flowing to make her a very attractive person. Her penchant for short skirt dresses and high sandals, with her huge car…definitely someone with personality. She gets along well with people across all industries, ages and ranks, a true ‘marketeer’ indeed!


Just in Case

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My unrepentant alky friend.


In Entrepreneurship, Relationships on September 18, 2012 at 8:50 am

Getting this friend to open up his witty mouth is indeed like striking the lottery! And I must admit that my most recent encounter with this person was terribly disappointing. I felt being crucified for making comments, and I felt that being nice was a waste on this person as he just did not seem to appreciate or reciprocrate.

That evening, during dinner, I formed an opinion that this person was plain selfish after all. When he wants something from you, he will call and arrange incessantly with you. And when his need is fulfilled, he will just as easily forget that every act of kindness is an inconvenience on someone’s part. Perhaps he is just unable to give more of his friendship to me, so I shall not ask for it. And I am done being nice to the Lottery. The house always wins, leaving those who take chances with their heart, shattered and disappointed.

Mrs Seow

In Relationships on September 14, 2012 at 9:00 am

A strong woman and caring mother. Mrs Seow has shown me several aspects of life that I do not get from friends my age. She is a few years older, with a teenage daughter and a successful career. She divorced her husband because of his unacceptance to improve and change his life and circumstance.

A sad case of growing apart, and of incompatibility later in life. Life is truly unpredictable. The person we thought we would spend the rest of our lives with may also end up the person we cannot foresee a future with together. This is where we lose hope and we lose the passion for the relationship and for life.

I realize this year, I want a person who inspires me and lifts me up, a person who makes tomorrow seem brighter by being by my side, a person I can aspire with. And if I cannot find that person, it really is better being without.

I do not want a guy whom I have to look after, a guy who I have to worry about and who needs me to make his life brighter. I want someone who can stand on his own, and someone who has an interesting enough life without me, so that we can come together and share what we have learnt for the day…and together aspire to bigger dreams. Too many relationships I have seen that are not happy, too many that are subsisting. Is that what life is about? To subsist?

Dragon Lady

In Relationships on September 5, 2012 at 8:55 am

Cheery and assertive, this friend was thrown back to me by a twist of life and we have formed a close bond in the last few months. What a difference a sharing of tales makes. when two minds are enticed by the other and two hearts open up to each other, a lasting bond forms, and we are tied to each other through our hectic schedules.

This lady flounces through life and her tail rouses all in her wake. She is funny, hospitable, chatty and flirty – what’s not to like? 🙂 Of course, she is strong-willed, and smart to know what she wants, to some it may be character, attitude, strength, to others, simply noise. But as with every person, there are those who subscribe to her strengths and those who do not. I for one, am for having a colourful personality and making an impression than having none at all.