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From Vietnam with Love

In Entrepreneurship, Relationships on August 28, 2012 at 8:15 am

My long lost friend and business associate. Someone whom I had not met for ten years now. This year we got the chance to meet not once but twice. After all these years, he confesses a liking for me all those years ago. But every time he tried to see me, in the past, I would bring my boyfriend along, which quashed his hope of dating me. Haha. How life has given us a riddle.

He eventually marries the girl who he got pregnant and could not afford to anger her powerful parents. While he loves his daughter to bits, his sad and honest confession is that he will not have another child with his wife because he doesn’t love her…and that is why all these years, they have only one child.

How sad, a loveless marriage. A marriage made in haste and mistake. And fear.

While he says that since he is married to her he will not say anything bad about her (you can admire his sense of loyalty there), he cannot say anything good about her as well.

While sometimes we feel that life is just a short stint on earth when the years have passed, the reality is that every second we live, feels like an eternity. And it is this feeling of eternity that makes us try to find a meaning to life, to make us smile and hope, for the other eternities ahead.

At this point in time, I know for one, that I want to spend my life with someone who gives me something to look forward to everyday. And we will learn about the world around us together and enjoy learning together. And once that hope is gone, I am not sure how I would cope. Perhaps find another outlet, find another mission to fill the gap left by one. But I hope that I will never come to that, that I will continue growing with the other person and finding new things to aspire to everyday, to give us a shared meaning in our lives.


L for Lecherous?

In Entrepreneurship, Relationships on August 27, 2012 at 4:20 am

A crazy two months as the year rushes to an end! It seems that things do get a little (!) hectic in the months of September on. Every year. Without fail. I used to attribute it to the year end, then decided it was because it was my birthday month, but now…I don’t know! Perhaps it is always so hectic throughout the year, just that I never kept track!

Met a whole bunch of new friends on national day, and I can’t believe it has only been a short two months. It feels like I’ve known them for ages! The number of friends on this list will be enough to fill up the rest of my 52 weeks should I get to meet them each for dinner!

I do wonder why a bunch of good looking, fun loving people are all still single and hanging out with each other! Perhaps they are all so fun loving that they find ways to fill their time and never do get bored enough to want to search for that someone to while away the days with? I am beginning to feel that it is more so now, then before.

At this age, everyone has got enough spending power to enjoy life, to jet set, to do basically what they want…a weekend in bali, or Bangkok, if one travels such for leisure. There is really no time for idling, yeah?

These two months, the Flavour of the week is a certain Mr L, who also goes by several other names, like Mdm L. If you meet him (which you might!) seeing how often this chap traverses the scene, say hi on my behalf, and ask him where his ‘twin’ is. Very helpful, very kind, a good guy all round, still seeking for that person who will not bore him! I think first, L, you need to focus. Too many women forms a harem, but does not a companion make!

Betta Say what you want

In Entrepreneurship on August 16, 2012 at 4:30 am

The twin of Mr L or so he calls himself, this chap’s wit is inapparent when you first get to meet him because of his closed off demeanor. In a group setting he tends to click on his Samsung tab and enter his own world, when alone with him, he is curious, friendly and accommodating.

Life has been good for him, and it is amazing what passion can do for a person. As with every person I meet, I find a little bit of their story to inspire me. And they share their trials, and their lessons as well. Without friends, it really is too difficult to carry on sometimes.

I thank the world for friends who lift us up and take our side when everyone else doesn’t, for friends who dispense what they know best, for friends who bother to listen. And for each person I offend, I am fully aware that that person would have friends of their own to turn to. And I am beginning to accept the magnanimity of the world in creating and accepting, and finding ways for accepting every loving creature.

What role do we play in the evolution of life? To be kind to another living creature and to make the world a better place one day at a time.

Marina Day Sands?

In Relationships, Resolutions on August 5, 2012 at 8:51 am

A message through LinkedIn, from someone who says the name and the face are familiar, but he just couldn’t place where we had met.  We went through a string of messages to find common ground but ended up with none.  I supposed we might have met briefly in a party or gathering of some friend or cousin.  Singapore after all, is a small country, and birds of a feather do tend to flock together.

We finally arranged to meet face to face after a month, due to Mr MDS’s traveling schedule and my busy event one.  And it was fun!  We did have a good dinner, taking into assumption that we had met in some previous age and we old friends.  We bantered, chatted about inconsequential items (things old friends do?) and spoke about some that mattered.

That said, we really are fresh friends, fundamentally (whoa! alliteration!), and we DO need to meet a few more times to either figure out where we’ve met before, or just get to know each other as friends to see if our friendship can develop. If not, he will be just another contact on my phone.