The Publisher

In Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Resolutions on May 16, 2012 at 8:25 am

The Publisher happens to be a contact I had met several years before, and worked briefly with before. Back then I had no good impression of this guy, because he kept saying that he would pay for some matter and did not. Further to that, I also thought that he was being a litte nit-picky about a few cents for some items.

Anyway, I find out that the period I had met him was also one of his worst. He’d married this lady who abused him and even hit him. He finally plucked up the courage to divorce her a few years ago, after his children had grown up. It was a sad story he told. But he’s doing a lot better now and he actually looks better too.

It saddens me that love and relationships can turn people into brutal monsters. The fury, the anger, the sadness – all emotions that we face, to the positive ones we hope to embody. With love, there is hate. With happiness there is sadness. With anger there is forgiveness. Why are we such bipolar creatures?

The publisher shared with me his funny encounters of meeting women who offered him BDSM and how he was lured by one to have dinner near her apartment so that they could proceed to her apartment shortly after dinner. It’s amazing the stories you hear when you have dinner with someone new, someone out of your circle of friends, and you wonder whether fiction is truly more entertaining than life.

I’m having so much fun meeting my non-fiction stories that I may just give up reading!


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