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In Relationships on April 24, 2012 at 3:59 pm

Had a great time last Friday playing Taboo at a drinks marathon…not that much drinks though…

Six ladies, in one living room, with a great view of the East Coast sealine, a box of Taboo and a bunch of bottles…

A blast from the past, with V mentioning Km8, which I had almost forgotten…or rather actually forgotten! She had a good memory, though, that one.

I could picture her exactly as how she would have been at least ten years ago, though, and envied her never-aging look and dress. Seriously, some people never grow old, ya? Also made me wonder about all the hundreds of people we must have met but never kept in touch with. It’s sad.

But at the same time practical. I guess that is what living in a city means. A bunch of people to surround you at each phase of life, a friend for every hobby, a load of things to do to while away the time, especially when you are young, and when older, we settle into a routine of what we like, what we can reasonably handle, and who we want to be associated with. It’s a matter of knowing ourselves, and learning about ourselves. A process that never ends.

And at each phase, we find new friends to accompany us. Hopefully, we keep some old ones, for only they will truly know us as time passes. For a horse is judged by the distance it runs, and a man by time (a Thai saying which I really like, from my beloved Thai colleague!)