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Wealth Works!

In Entrepreneurship on March 27, 2012 at 3:40 pm

Well, not really and old friend, but does six months ago count?

We decided to catch up and figure out some new government grants that are coming out in June, for which we have to apply to be ‘service providers’ for. As expected, a totally fun and captivating evening with this finance guy for who, I have a load of respect for, for being sincere, honest, willing to share and willing to listen! As well as technically competent!

Hope we both get our accreditation for the ICV vouchers for which we had to submit a load of paper for (talk about productivity and info commability,which somehow doesn’t seem to be put into practice at the govt offices which are still moving piles of paper!

Anyway, here’s to a load of insights, sharings and working together in the new year!


MArK this!

In Entrepreneurship, Relationships on March 14, 2012 at 4:12 pm

A blast from the past, have no idea why this friend called me, but I was pleasantly surprised. I found out a while later though that some people are just…let’s say…practical?

This person called and I retuned call, we chatted briefly, he is full of entrepreneurial ideas, I know that he is, and he was sharing with me what he was doing now. I then asked if he might be keen to meet for a drink, or dinner and he said well, you know, busy and stuff, so…tough. I mentioned that I had a friend in the industry he was going to be in and said perhaps I could intro them and they could work together. In the same breath, this person had the cheek to actually say, well, i guess if you are able to hook me up, we could do dinner. Practical, or just using people? And I am sure this guy doesn’t even know he does this (and I hope you read this to know).

Being the forgiving sort who overlooks foibles (ahem), I went ahead to arrange a meeting anyway.

We met for dinner, us three, and the fella kept talking about what he planned to do, and that my other friend should call him because he is sure they can do good business together, and when the conversation shifted to more personal stuff, he kept going back to the ‘business’ which wasn’t really there yet. I mean, why would someone pass you their contacts, or ask you to pitch for a job if you do not have past credentials, or any arrangement that is favourable for the other person? You need their contacts, they don’t need you. The only time they will use you is if you are highly recommended by another person they trust (in this case potentially me, or else the dinner would not have happened). On top of that, this guy is not interested in the other person at all, as a person, and only interested in what they can do together, potentially. Now… I may be wrong, but the start of every business is a partnership, no? An interest in understanding the other party and in working together to achieve a shared objective, or at least to further each other’s goals?